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Start-Up Advice from Our CEO

Over the summer, at the Ferris Wheel in Flint, Michigan, our founder and CEO, Mark Arizmendi, had the opportunity to speak to a group of entrepreneurs that were going through the XLerate Health accelerator program. Michigan, like many areas outside of Silicon Valley, is thriving with entrepreneurship and vital new ideas.  The “Rise of the Rest” lives in Michigan, and NCP has been investing in the Midwest for over 15 years. Mark shared what he has seen work successfully in the last seventeen...

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XLerateHealth adds to Flint’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Driving into downtown Flint, MI, it immediately becomes apparent that this is a city that is making a big comeback. Seriously, this city is hopping; it took us fifteen minutes to find parking, and the number of people walking around is similar to what you would see in any vibrant city’s downtown area. The NCP team was in town to celebrate the opening of XLerateHealth at the Ferris Wheel. Our CEO, Mark Arizmendi, spoke to a group of entrepreneurs who are starting the XLerateHealth twelve-week...

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