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Real Estate Leadership Group (RELG)


The RELG was started by Mark Arizmendi and Compie Newman (CBRE), along with Dylan Jones (Gensler), when the pandemic started. The group expanded quickly to include commercial real estate investors, architects, urban planners, financial entities, technology firms, OEMs, and the State of California. The group quickly realized the pandemic introduced a blank slate and an opportunity to help determine the future of work. We’ve met for two years to discuss best practices going forward, as well as the future of real estate, the capital markets, new urban designs, the confluence of technology, mobility, and real estate, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Mission Statement

“The Real Estate Leadership Group is a collective of leading real estate and technology companies looking to foster diversity, accessibility, and creativity for the betterment of communities across the United States. The RELG aims to identify and capitalize on future trends that will promote community engagement and economic productivity, with the goal of quantifying informational and technological value necessary for the advancement of real estate.”