About Us

Northwestern Capital Partners, LLC (NCP) has offices in Chicago, Ill.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Charlotte, N.C. There are great opportunities throughout the country, and we want to be mobile and flexible. Thus, we have offices that facilitate the personal approach to our clients and investments.

Our Values

At NCP, our values denote who we are and what enterprises can expect from us. The following guide us in our endeavors to ensure each project reaches its full potential:

  • We take special pride as supporters of women-run startups; clients focused on quality healthcare or protecting the environment, and other companies that strive to have a positive social impact
  • We work hard to generate positive financial returns for the shareholders, founders, employees, and their communities
  • We operate with integrity and transparency in all transactions and partnerships
  • We seek quality opportunities over a number of accounts that are of high purpose and meet them with the highest quality
    of service
  • We look for strategic partnerships that bring innovation to the table and are not bound by convention
  • When we enter a partnership, we are all-in, always

Phone: (312) 945-8004 | Email: info@northwesterncapital.net