Northwestern Capital Partners Business

Northwestern Capital Partners, LLC provides consulting, advisory and direct investments across three core industry sectors: commercial real estate/multifamily workforce housing, transportation (mobility), and healthcare (biotech).

We advise companies with the goal of building impactful businesses in America.

Investment Banking

NCP procures equity, debt, debt hybrids, and other financial instruments to provide growth capital, recapitalization, management buyouts, and mergers and acquisitions.


NCP’s investor partners are among the very best venture capital firms, strategic investors, and private equity fund. Given the opportunity to create long-term value for our clients and our shareholders, we invest with capital, time and trust.


We frequently consult on capital structure and ongoing efficiencies to help clients deploy the right assets and ensure long-term success.

We empower voices often overlooked by others due to geography, stage, or industry vertical. We rigorously assess and measure success for our stakeholders with training, poise, and a knack for what works.

Consulting Partnerships

Mark is currently a senior consultant with Bosch Management Services. His specialty is the impact of connected mobility services on infrastructure and real estate markets, and the positive effect it has on architecture and city planning as well as asset management. With Mark’s significant history of investment banking as well as real estate investment, he is able to synthesize these skills with Bosch’s unparalleled technology.