The coronavirus is a black swan event but is pointing out several fundamental economic issues. First, even with the recent market selloff, the market is trading at historically high multiples. Second, the Fed is out of weapons – the Federal Funds rate is 1.75, the ten year is 0.52% – rates are rock bottom, and […]

The Business Mountain

The journey to success can be long, arduous, and tough, but ultimately rewarding. Business can be like climbing a mountain – the view from the bottom – starting a project or a business – can be daunting. The last leg to the top may be the hardest part, as most of the long climbing is […]

Start-Up Advice from Our CEO

Over the summer, at the Ferris Wheel in Flint, Michigan, our founder and CEO, Mark Arizmendi, had the opportunity to speak to a group of entrepreneurs that were going through the XLerate Health accelerator program. Michigan, like many areas outside of Silicon Valley, is thriving with entrepreneurship and vital new ideas.  The “Rise of the […]

Driving into downtown Flint, MI, it immediately becomes apparent that this is a city that is making a big comeback. Seriously, this city is hopping; it took us fifteen minutes to find parking, and the number of people walking around is similar to what you would see in any vibrant city’s downtown area. The NCP […]

Our Community Focus

While most of our posts focus on the the clients and business of Northwestern Capital Partners, we relish being a part of our community. Yesterday, we spent the day at the Alexander Youth Network, serving ice-cream to young at risk children. Today, I want to tell you about another great opportunity. Chad Jukes is a […]

Urban Mobility

The attached study and piece by McKinsey is precisely why we support SPLT. The future of cities and the population at large will be based largely on the ability to move (via roads, fiber optic cable, rail, etc) – people, ideas, goods and services, healthcare, etc. Mobility is wide-ranging, though this article focused mostly on […]

Creativity and the New Renaissance

The world moves incredibly fast today, and creativity is the new working capital and the currency by which companies leverage their core competencies and brand, whether in manufacturing, medicine, technology, or advisory work. There has been much talk of the creative class in new urbanism, but creativity knows no boundaries, and is not secularly found […]

Immigration and Driving Economic Growth

We have never weighed in on the immigration debate, because both sides of the debate parse the story for their own ends. The reality is that sensible, legal immigration benefits the US economy by providing more workers – at this point in our growth cycle, we have unfilled jobs due to either a lack of […]

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