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On August 8, 2020, we hosted our bi-monthly Real Estate Leadership Group (RELG) conference. We always strive to make the meetings informational and relevant to what is going on in the world of real estate, mobility, and technology, but this particular meeting was a vitally important and unique conversation. We focused on women and diversity […]

Commercial Office Space

Commercial office space in New York (and elsewhere) continues to be hurt by people not returning to work, as people get used to working from home and they seek and relish safety. While some see technology as a bane to real estate (e.g. videoconferencing in place of meetings), technology will be an enabler of bringing […]

Real Estate Leadership Group 6-26-20

On June 26th, we had another installment of our Real Estate Group, where leading developers, architects, technology companies, and others talk about the future of real estate, architecture, urban planning, and technology. Three top developers and architects – The Related Companies, Gensler, and Perkins&Will, presented ideas and projects that are transforming the meaning of community. […]

Leadership Group

The future is looking increasingly complicated for landlords, developers, architects, employers, and employees.  We need innovative thought leaders working together to determine what the future of “work” will look like, and that is exactly what Mark Arizmendi of Northwestern Capital Partners, Dylan Jones of Gensler, and Compie Newman of CBRE have set out to do. […]

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