The Shift to Non-Gateway Markets

In this time of unprecedented change caused by COVID-19, the commercial real estate industry has emerged with both “winners” and “losers” as sectors rush to adapt to reactive preference changes. Slow-moving trends and ideas that have long been speculated in the estate industry are suddenly coming to light with the instability of the market. In the months that have followed the spread of this global pandemic, we have experienced detrimental economic disruption – cities once deemed the most successful,...

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Leadership Group

The future is looking increasingly complicated for landlords, developers, architects, employers, and employees.  We need innovative thought leaders working together to determine what the future of “work” will look like, and that is exactly what Mark Arizmendi of Northwestern Capital Partners, Dylan Jones of Gensler, and Compie Newman of CBRE have set out to do.  Semi-monthly, they convene a group of like-minded and accomplished professionals who are working together to help create what...

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Bond Spreads

Bond spreads are an important indicator of risk assessment.  We typically like to assess the spreads between rated corporate debt and the 10-year rate. With the risk-free rate (the 10-year coupon) already at rock bottom, and the market-risk spreads (the difference between the risk-free rate and the nominal rate of interest on bonds) historically low, this was driving the cost of debt capital to record lows.  When the coronavirus hit, the spreads jumped dramatically, by about 200...

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