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Commercial Real Estate – Moving Towards a Collaborative Ecosystem

On June 8, 2021, in Downtown Los Angeles, Northwestern Capital Partners (NCP) hosted a small conference to discuss the confluence of real estate, technology, and mobility.  This hallmark event was a natural offshoot from NCP’s Real Estate Leadership Group (RELG)—a series of 17 meetings aimed at keeping leaders engaged and connected over the past year. The RELG companies include developers, architects, and designers.  Collectively, these companies manage over $5 trillion in real estate...

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Leadership Group

The future is looking increasingly complicated for landlords, developers, architects, employers, and employees.  We need innovative thought leaders working together to determine what the future of “work” will look like, and that is exactly what Mark Arizmendi of Northwestern Capital Partners, Dylan Jones of Gensler, and Compie Newman of CBRE have set out to do.  Semi-monthly, they convene a group of like-minded and accomplished professionals who are working together to help create what...

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