Creativity and the New Renaissance

The world moves incredibly fast today, and creativity is the new working capital and the currency by which companies leverage their core competencies and brand, whether in manufacturing, medicine, technology, or advisory work. There has been much talk of the creative class in new urbanism, but creativity knows no boundaries, and is not secularly found […]

Immigration and Driving Economic Growth

We have never weighed in on the immigration debate, because both sides of the debate parse the story for their own ends. The reality is that sensible, legal immigration benefits the US economy by providing more workers – at this point in our growth cycle, we have unfilled jobs due to either a lack of […]

Midwestern Rebirth

Northwestern Capital Partners, LLC has been an active investor and investment banker in the Midwest since 2008.  Though we have worked all over the United States, our focus has been on the under-appreciated opportunities for high technology investing in the Midwest. The area has a plethora of great universities, a skilled workforce, large companies that […]


Alison here taking over the NCP blog, I’m the executive assistant for NCP and in honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to talk about something that I feel is very important for everyone, but especially women to be successful in business – a good mentor. A good mentor can make all the difference in […]

It is easy to look at the pending Snapchat IPO, and either feel very confident that capital is being rightly allocated to the “New Economy,” or lament a possible $22 billion IPO valuation for a company with no profits and 330 employees. For comparison, Ford, an “Old Economy” bellwether, has $50 billion in revenues, $6.8 […]

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